RCFFPLogoThe two major program initiatives of the Reaching Your Dream Foundation utilizes racquetball legend Rocky Carson as a mentor and role model for younger men, women and junior players vetted by RYDF’s board of directors; and, RYDF supports these sponsored  players  to engage with under-served youth and adults in local communities in need of greater health and fitness.

For almost 20 years Rocky Carson has been a symbol of great physical well-being and is known for playing both indoor and outdoor racquetball year round while pursuing his other passion of surfing with his wife and two young children.   He also has a passion for sharing his knowledge and values of paying it forward with younger players who seek a career pathway in athletics including racquetball.  Currently RYDF has introduced Fitness Forever programs in the cities of Stockton and Oakland.  Both cities have large minority populations and below national average family incomes.  With support from sponsors and donors, these programs will be expanded to serve more players and communities.
Rocky Carson, #2-ranked men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) pro and 2008 IRT World Champion, also holds multiple Pan American, International Racquetball Federation, USA National, and World Outdoor Racquetball titles, serving as an inspiration to hundreds of players and thousands of fans. But one thing Rocky still wants to accomplish is to find a way to develop a professional training program where he could act as a mentor to younger, aspiring players with the potential and disposition to work hard and represent the values that he and has family have consistently demonstrated. Fundamentally, Rocky wanted to leave a legacy that will extend beyond his own career by teaching younger pros accomplish some of the things that made him so successful.
With this in mind, Rocky has partnered with the Reaching Your Dream Foundation to establish a program wherein Rocky can have access to a small number of younger players determined by RYDF based on athletic potential, history and demonstrated maturity, as well as a desire to promote the sport, themselves and their fellow players. The foundation will be offering housing to three or four of selected players who will be attending Tier 1 International Racquetball Tour events. At these tour stops, Rocky will be able to spend a generous amount of time with each of these players to help them understand what it means to be a professional racquetball player both on and off the court.  In supporting the RYDF-Rocky Program, Rocky had this to say:
“Racquetball has been a significant part in my life. I grew up playing and competing and have been fortunate enough to play at the highest levels, which has helped me provide a living for my family over the last 16 years. My goal in partnering with the Reaching Your Dream Foundation is to help younger players have access to the same opportunities that I have enjoyed. I heartily believe in what RYDF is doing and hope you will help support them by donating at www.give2rydf.org.” says Carson.